Thursday, 9 July 2009


Hey folks,
I know it's been a long time since either Janie or me updated the blog. We've both been crazy busy recently, mostly working on material for the reserve open day on 2nd August!

I can, however, give you all a brief update on what's been going on at Cullaloe. Don't be expecting the flowery speech and long stories that Janie gives you, though. I'm not nearly that exciting!

The screen has now been completed, and if you go along, I'm sure you'll agree that it makes a huge improvement on the old one! We're definitely finding that the wildfowl are beginning to get that little bit closer, so better views are definitely to be had.

Butterfly season is in full swing on the reserve, with butterflies absolutely everywhere. The most common one right now is the Ringlet, though other species are also present, including the occasional Dark Green Fritillary!
An absolutely gorgeous butterfly, i'm sure you'll agree!

The march of the froglets has begun over the past week or so, so keep an eye on your footing when on the reserve. The little froglets are everywhere, and it's quite easy to stand on them - in fact, you're probably better off if you don't look down!

If any of you have been along in the past month or so, you'll have noticed that the bird feeders had been left empty. Never fear, as of last weekend, they are now kept with food in them!

Finally, just to let you all know, we're having an event on Saturday afternoon (11th July), with members of the local branch of the Scottish Wildlife Trust coming along and sharing their expertise with us. The main theme is on bugs, but you can be sure we will be touching on butterflies, birds, plants - anything that's there, really!
It is open to all, so if you're free on Saturday afternoon from 2pm, please do feel free to come along

Hopefully it won't be quite as long between updates now. I know, we say that every time, but this time it might just happen! :)

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