Saturday, 13 February 2010

We've Moved!!!

Hey Cullaloe-watchers!!

Firstly, don't panic!! If you like to get a regular Cullaloe fix, you will still be able to do so - just in new and exciting ways! We hope! ;-)

It is the end of an era for this Cullaloe blog. We have decided that we would like to make our blog a more interesting and user-friendly place to be and sadly this blog just doesn't have it to give! The world today is all about choices and we want to give you the biggest amount of choice we can of how you "do" Cullaloe. Embracing social media, Grahame says! ;-P

So - what are we getting at? Well, we are moving to the new blog so that we can:

1) provide you with updates as and when interesting stuff happens, through Twitter, when we are still on the reserve!!

2) showcase existing images of the reserve, and even add your photos, through Flickr!!

3) personalise the blog with our own photos and give more detail on the reserve and staff in the About section of the site!!

The best bit is that this all happens on one page!! :-)

So, to view the new and improved blog, direct your browser to

Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter @swt_cullaloe

The blog has a direct Twitter feed, and this feed will be automatically updated when blog posts are published, so you will always know when we have something to say! All you have to do is choose which option works best for you!

We hope you will join us on the new blog very soon! :-)

The Cullaloe Team